With the Windows Phone 7 Development tutorial series completed it is now time to move on to yet another compelling programming language. Although,  not before we give you a link to all the resources in one complete space.  This development 101 tutorial series will take you through what you will need for setting up your development environment and concluding with releasing your Windows Phone 7 application in the Marketplace.  There will be a PDF developed for those having to work in an area with no internet and will be forthcoming at some point.

Hopefully this compendium of tutorials will provide useful towards building the knowledge and skills required for developing for the Windows Phone OS Platform and provide a launchpad for those wanting to make a WP7 application.  If there are any comments or suggestions on the series and what you think should have been included, please feel free to comment below and I will answer all as swiftly as possible.  Until the next Development 101 tutorial series, Happy Hacking!

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