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With the announcement of the Microsoft Touch Mouse way back in January at the Consumer Electronic Show there hasn’t been a whole lot of news since then for developers to sink their teeth into, let alone put their hands to work. Well, it has now been annouced that the Microsoft Touch Mouse is available for pre-order from select major stores for only $79.95 (although we have seen it for as low as $64.99). This thing of beauty is set to land August 15th, 2011 (subject to change) and looks to rival the Magic Mouse that Apple provides its customers. The neat thing about this mouse is that it is set to have its own SDK which will allow developers to extend the use of the mouse past its already awesome looking functionality. The possibilities are virtually endless when a developer puts his mind to something.

Below is a brief clip of how the Touch Mouse came to be from “Mouse 2.0″:

We at Binary Wasteland want to get a hold of one of these bad boys and the SDK and see if we can get a tutorial to show the readers something basic and move to coding something a little more advanced so we can see some awesome applications right when the mouse launches. If anyone has any ideas for applications to be developed, leave them in the comments below as they will all be considered. We look forward to your comments and suggestions on where the mouse and SDK for it could take our computer experience. Until next article, Happy Hacking.


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  • Anonymous

    Did you have a link to the SDK? Can’t find it anymore and I would like to download it…

    • Anonymous

      Looking into it as we speak and will have an update for you shortly :)

      • Anonymous

        Nice. I suspect it’s because the SDK was made using the pre-release version of the mouse and is probably not functionnal using the RTM one. I’ll stay tuned 😉

        • Anonymous

          Yeah, I am talking to a couple people from Microsoft so hopefully sooner than later :)

  • 无锋
  • DirkZaan

    Anybody a clou how to open the housing of the thing? I have a touch mouse which developed a loose part noise. I like the mouse but the sound is annoying.

    • Greg R. Jacobs

      What do you mean by the housing? I am going to assume that it is not the bottom of the device where the batteries go?

      • DirkZaan

        I would like to check inside. So I want to know if the mouse can be opened without wrecking it. The housing is the black upper half and the white bottom is the base. There aren’t any visible screws or spring-clamps. So how to proceed, if at all.
        I noticed that the LED on-top never lit up like in the photos. Is it supposed to do so?
        I just tried Microsoft-website to apply for a swap but there is somehting wrong with form processing there. I assume I better not open it when I want to swap :)

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