The developers at Binary Wasteland find themselves in constant need for the latest and greatest headphones/ear buds to keep then in the zone when coding. We also find ourselves picking flimsy/breakable buds which results in more money being liberated from our wallets. This as you can imagine is a developers nightmare, so we decided to splurge and pick up some iBeats by Dr. Dre and Monster. These turned out to be some powerful little buds! For a look at how we found them, jump past the break to find out.

Look & Feel

These may be the best looking ear buds a staff member of Binary Wasteland has ever owned. Right out of the box we could tell the build quality was excellent as the weight of the buds told us that technology was jam packed into each one. We also enjoyed the style of the earbud with the middle of each dipping in and getting wider at the part that is being displayed from your ear. The volume controls on the left bud is also very sleak with volume, play/pause and call management controls. With the gallery below to demonstrate the design, anyone who owns a pair will be developing in style.

Audio Quality

It is unbelievable how much bass can be pumped from these ear buds. Now don’t judge us, but we enjoy the odd dubstep song and these ear buds are without a doubt, recommended for those need bass. The quality of sound was refreshing and was enhanced by the seal that the buds make with the inner ear to make sure no sound or note escapes your grasp. While enjoying this we also found that these ear buds also tend to vibrate when in ear and ramped up to full volume which had us turning down the volume and take a break as our inner ear started to hurt. This is not so much a problem if you turn the volumn down by 5 and once we did this the problem resolved itself. Other than the problem we cause on ourselves the bad boys are the bar for Binary Wasteland and judging ear bud audio quality.


This topic is always in contention as we all know ear buds last as long  as a soda beverage/coffee around a computer programmer.  This is where the iBeats stood out due to their unique enhancements.  These enhancements include adding a buffer of plastic where the device plugs into the 3.5mm port on your listening device so it may allow for bending without worrying about sound cutting out in one bud.  The cord itself is made to never tangle as we found after bunching our ear buds into our pocket and pulling them out after an hour and to our surprise…no tangle.  The actual ear buds come equipped with many different ear pieces so that comfort will not be an issue. We have to say that the iBeats shine above the rest when it comes to durability as we usually have to replace our listening apparatus every week. We can gladly say that won’t be happening anymore!

With all of these great qualities, one would think that they may have to pay a small fortune for these. This might be true depending on what your definition is. We found the $124 and change an acceptable amount as we wanted to invest in something more reliable and give a better listening experience. We suggest trying these out for size at your local Best Buy. Until the next review, Happy Hacking!

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