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It seems we have just been invited to join So.Cl, the newest creation exiting Microsoft Research and Fuse Labs, to see what it is all about. We want to remind our readers that So.Cl is not attempting attempting to be the next Facebook killer or even deter people from Facebook to So.Cl as this site has different goals in mind. We must keep in mind this is still a BETA and it is attempting to go beyond mere Social Networking and incorporate other important aspects of our everyday lives. For example, search or the need to be nourished with knowledge is prevalent in all of us, whether we use the web, a book or just talking to another person, and So.Cl is trying to bring that to the table. Another cool feature is video parties, which allow you to watch videos with friends, giving the option to name those video parties in the process. As you can see below, all of the searches that I make have the ability to be added to my feed, which I can then choose to embed somewhere else and all information about that post with update between So.Cl and any embedded posts.

Embeddable Search Results

With all of this being new to us, we are going to keep exploring and keep this post open for any new updates that may shoot our way in the next couple weeks and months. If you have any questions on what is possible on So.Cl or what you would like to see incorporated, let us know in the comments below! Until the next news update, Happy Hacking!


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