Exciting news for those that have followed our 101 series here at Binary Wasteland and are getting pumped for the new 201 series that is airing today. We have the application we designed in the marketplace for you to download for free. We figured, what better way to get pumped up than to start using what we will be designing. The free version is fully functional, except for push notifications because you would need the notification center we have designed for you. What’s more, is that we have designed this exciting new application promotion page, featuring the HTC Titan X310e instead of the stock emulator. This was not easy, getting the Titan into such an enclosed space with such a huge screen size but we managed through some excellent Photoshop skills. We hope that you enjoy the start of the 201 series, the application and its accompanying promotion page. If you have any comments or suggestions, let us know in the comments below! Until the next 201 article, Happy Hacking!

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