Welcome back another development series here at Binary Wasteland. We are going to be doing some Windows Phone 7 development covering Mango and its juicy new features. With the new OS being released, now is the perfect time for developers to learn the exciting new features and tools available to them. In this tutorial series we will cover a range of topics to better prepare developers for Mango-fying their applications. In the 201 series we will cover tools and SDK features including the Isolated Storage Explorer tool, local database options and the new gyroscope feature. With these features and more being covered in the series it will better prepare and grow the community of Windows Phone Developers, thus increasing the applications to be found in the marketplace. To demonstrate applications and for development testing we will use the new HTC Titan for the entire development series. With a generous screen size of 4.7″ we figured that viewing developed applications would not be an issue. Until the first development tutorial, Happy Hacking!


Make sure to check back every Monday at 9:00AM for the next several weeks as we air a new tutorial article on Mango specific features!

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