Bloomberg: Windows 8 Launching In October

Bloomberg: Windows 8 Launching In October

Windows 8 is probably one of the most hyped products to come out of the Redmond, Washington based company in several years. And while you have critics both or and against Microsoft’s bold new strategy of uniting the various form factors of devices people use, you have to at least admire their attempt to try something new.

The release date for Windows 8 has been rumored as sometime in 2012, floating between the summer and fall months. Today, things get a bit more defined with a new report by Bloomberg, citing “sources familiar with the schedule”, saying Microsoft will finish major development work on Windows 8 this summer and launch in October. According to the same source, Microsoft is reportedly holding an event in April for industry partners, at which point more info will be divulged.

Source: Bloomberg | HardwareCanucks

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