Over has taken drastic steps to push mass adoption of new OS X updates in recent years by way of lower costs. Snow Leopard and Lion were both “cheap” all things considered at $29. Mountain Lion looks like it will continue the trend. Windows on the other hand hasn’t been made available as cheaply as easily for all customers, most notably because of the higher number of varying Windows versions. That changes with Windows 8.

Winsupersite’s Paul Thurrott is reporting that reliable sources have confirmed Windows 8 Pro’s $14.99 upgrade pricing. The promotion, originally reported by Windows Weekly’s Mary Jo Foley, will begin June 2nd and be available to any new Windows 7 PC buyers. Making it even easier/better is the fact that there are only two major version of Windows 8 shipping to customers.

Previously, Microsoft would offer free upgrades to the newer version of Windows that was most comparable to your current/older version. Now, Microsoft is giving everyone access to the highest end version of Windows for only $15. Sweet deal, no?

Via: Winsupersite

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