Since Windows Vista, Microsoft has touted the Windows Aero interface as a new, “airy” theme that gives Windows a more modern and less heavy look. Ironically, that very same “airy” UI is pretty demanding graphically speaking. While higher powered desktops and laptops can muscle around Windows Vista/7 Aero with no problem, the exploding world of mobile devices has considerably less powerful hardware as battery life is ultimately the number one concern. Aero has never been something that runs well/efficiently on new age mobile devices. Microsoft appears to be realizing this and is making drastic changes to the Windows 8 non-Metro desktop.

The new Metro-ish style you see above is, post, Microsoft says that parts of the new UI changes to simplify (read: make Windows faster and more efficient) Windows 8 will be visible in the upcoming Release Preview while some will remain hidden until the final, shipping version of Windows 8 is released this fall (said to be October).

Looking at the image above, I can honestly say that I like this look more than Aero. Aero always felt/looked a bit, I don’t know…cheap. Aero on the other hand is fresh breath of UI design that hasn’t been seen coming from Microsoft in quite some time. That said, what do you think? Is Microsoft getting too pushy with Metro on the desktop or are you just as in love with the overall simpler design and flatter colors, too?

Via: ExtremeTech

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