Excited for the official release of Windows 8 this fall and it’s brand new Metro UI, but worried/disappointed about legacy Start menu apps like ViStart, Start8 and Classic Shell?

A bit of recap: Microsoft has previously stated that they are removing legacy code so apps like those mentioned above, which use legacy code to re-enable older Windows menus/features, will not work.

But as Neowin forum member Jose_49 has found, the latest 6.2.8400 build of Windows 8 still includes the necessary code that allows the aforementioned programs to still properly and fully work. Of course, until Microsoft actually pushes the official version of Windows 8, it’s entirely possible that the final “yank” of code could still happen.

For now, at least, you can upgrade to the latest release of Windows 8 and continue your legacy-loving ways in peace and harmony.

Via: Neowin, The Verge

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