Android, we all know it and love programming for it. Well, we are sure you have heard of this small little update to the OS called JellyBean? Ah, OK we can assume most have unless a rock has been your home for the last couple months. Some might wonder though, aside from Project Butter, what has really gone into JellyBean to make it so special. We sure as hell didn’t know until a little while ago thanks to Google. They have released a fully comprehensive list of features and changes (a changelog if you will) on the JellyBean page of the Android site. We have decided to make this into a useful PDF and post it below for your reference. Check it out and let us know what you think of all of these changes in the comments below. Until the next exciting update for JellyBean, Happy Hacking!

Click to access Android_4_1_Jellybean.pdf

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