If you are an iOS developer this is a must see! Earlier today case maker Alibaba posted up some pictures on their website featuring the iPad MINI (See pictures below). This is a big thing for iOS developers as it’s a whole new screen size to plan for. Wether or not the iPad mini is coming out or not, it’s probably best to go ahead and start getting yours apps ready, so when the new iPad mini comes out you can be among the first to have an app made just for it. There have been sayings that iOS 6 is supposed to be able to stretch apps in the ways Android does to fit all of its various phone sizes, but hey this isn’t android! We like our apps to look like they were specifically made for each device. So be on the look out and have your apps ready for the iPad mini. Check out the gallery below and let us know what you think in the comments below!


Source: Alibaba.com

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