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Root Rogers HTC One (M7/801AGRY) With S-ON Problem/Fix | Binary Wasteland

**Binary Wasteland Takes No Responsibility If You Brick or Make Your Device Unusable**

HTC One Silver 801AGRY

For those of you who have bought an HTC One and want to root the device it may be as easy as one, two, three. For most of us who do not have a developer edition and it is S-On (if you purchased from a retailer and not the HTC Store because you live outside the states) it may take some work. We will cover all of the steps below to unlock your bootloader and root your device. Check it out and let us know if we are missing anything in the comments below.

  1. Navigate to and click the unlock your bootloader
  2. Click on the drop down and choose All Other Supported Models
  3. Click Begin Unlock Bootloader
  4. A popup will appear asking if you want to continue which of course we do so select Yes.
  5. Go through the legal terms and click both check boxes and click Proceed To Unlock Instructions.
  6. Follow the onscreen steps at HTCDev to complete the unlocking of your bootloader.

After this is done now comes the fun part. We noticed that just flashing a recovery would only try to load the recovery and then start normally. We had to do a few extras to get the root access we wanted to use awesome tools such as Carbon, Titanium Backup and more.

  1. We first downloaded the HTC One All-In-One toolkit from XDA-Developers developed by hasoon2000 and can be downloaded from here
  2. We then want to get an additional tool to use the universal HTC Exploit which can be found here
  3. After these have been downloaded we want to extract the AIO toolkit and put a recovery on it. We chose to use Clockwork Mod. Follow the instructions on the popup and it will work as planned.
  4. HTC One AIO Toolkit
  5. After this is done, under extras we need to have the device started and debugging turned on on the device. Click the perm root and it should push the SU zip package to the root of your devices SD Card/Internal Storage.
  6. Once this is done we need to extract the HTC Quick Root tool we downloaded second. This time it will be required that your device is connected. After it loads up you will see your device in the box below.
  7. HTC QuickRoot Main
  8. We want to change the root method to Universal Exploit and leave everything else the same. We can then click Execute which will reboot our device into CWM and we can then proceed to install update from zip.
  9. We then want to choose the update from the SD card.
  10. Find the SU package in the root of the devices SD storage and then install it.
  11. After this is done we should now be able to reboot and exit out of the rest of the QuickRoot process and reboot the device
  12. To confirm that this has worked goto the SU application and boot it up and you should receive no errors upon loading it up.

This should work for all devices that have S-On for their HTC One devices. Again, let us know your experiences or how you achieved Root in the comments below. Until the next guide, Happy Hacking!

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