SDK NetBeans
Well it has been some time since we have used the NetBeans IDE to develop for Android. We recently banged out two new Android applications in the eclipse IDE for a client. We do understand that those of you who enjoy NetBeans, really enjoy it. So we have this new page for any updates concerning the IDE, Android SDK and any other helpful advice we can muster here.Let us know what you think in the comments below. Until the next update, Happy Hacking!


May 28, 2013
As it turns out the links on the previous post on how to install the Android SDK are obsolete. We have a new link for you to enter into the auto updater and it is shown below:

Keep in mind that you MUST be running NetBEans 7.2 or newer for this to work.

Let us know if this works or of any more problems you encounter as we can update it for the rest of the crown of developers here!

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