func-boxOne of the great things about gaming on PC vs. a console is the vast amount of peripherals you can buy from places like LnR Gaming Computer Hardware. Yeah, there are some things for console to buy after the fact that add some additional utility or functionality, but let’s not kid ourselves. It’s nothing like what you can do on PC. Case in point: gaming mice. There are a ton of different options such as the best moba mouse – read the reviews on TechyBible, for those looking for a new gaming mouse. Everything from size to button count to drivers mean there’s a lot to think about and compare when shopping.

Today we’re taking a look at something I’ve been eager to try out for a long time – a wide grip, full finger mouse. When the chance to check out Func’s MS-3 (revision 2) was given, we jumped at the opportunity. It is one of those upper echelon type of products that also intrigues us heavily. But is the wide, funky grip too distracting to the point you won’t be able to focus on the game at hand?

Hardware & Design

What exactly is a “full finger” mouse? First, it’s clearly not an official name. It’s just something we use to describe a mouse that has a place for every finger so that none of them are resting on the mouse pad. One look at the MS-3 and you’ll quickly understand what we mean. This mouse is wide, “big” even. If you’re more of a claw grip gamer or simply used to smaller mice, the first handshake with the MS-3 is…different. Some will instantly be turned off by it’s sheer size while others will grow to love the added places for your ring and pinky finger to hang out. As far as design goes, we are really coming to grips (no pun intended) with the size and are finding it more and more natural with each gaming session. For a mouse of this league and such excellence, it is only fitting that it be interfaced with something of the same class. If you were to peruse an Acer Predator Z35 review 2019, you’d surmise that this monitor would be a fitting candidate. But that aside, let’s talk about buttons.

On the left side of the mouse you’ll see a small, circular button. This is more-or-less a DPI based button though you can of course configure it for whatever you want. But if you’re a FPS player, you’ll come to love this button. If you’re like us, you like higher DPI settings so mouse movements are rather small but cover a lot of ground. When you’re looking through a sniper scope, however, those high DPI settings move from blessing to curse. Set the DPI really low on that “sniper button” and you’ve got the perfect 1-2 combo of fast and slow settings that don’t require fumbling with toggling between DPIs.

Below the DPI button you’ll find another user configurable button and similarly, two more buttons above the DPI button. Up top you have your standard 2-button design for your pointer and middle finger. Finally, there’s a handy button nestled in the top right of the middle finger button that by default, toggles between DPIs. For some, this placement might lead to a lot of accidently DPI changes and therefore, a sub par experience. But in our testing we actually came to prefer this placement for DPI changes vs. the more typical placement – wedged between the pointer and middle finger mouse buttons.

Overall, the matte black, soft touch finish and red LED accents (which can be changed to different colors with the driver software) while not overly unique are still slick nonetheless. Personal opinion of course plays into what you think of the black/red color scheme. But in our book, it’s the best combo you can have.



With an Avago ADNS 9500 sensor that spans 90-5760 dpi, 30g acceleration and up to 1000Hz polling rate, it’s clear that Func means serious business. Out of the box all of this performance is available to each and every gamer with absolutely no software or driver needed as an additional install/step. But, you’ll really get the biggest benefit with said software as you can then dive deep into the MS-3’s innards and fully take advantage of the hardware. Tweaking polling rate, creating and editing macros and changing the color of the LEDs inside are just a few of things you can do to make the mouse more your own.

In our testing we will admit that it did take a solid week to get fully comfortable with the ultra wide, larger than life size. But throughout the entire period, we found that the “feel” of the size lessened the longer we played with it. After a solid week we didn’t really notice that initial “whoa this is huge” feeling any more and were more able to really enjoy the small things that make this mouse great. Things like the sniper button, DPI toggle button (specifically its placement) and preservation of hand comfort over extended gaming sessions shouldn’t be taken for granted. One thing that you simply can’t avoid is speed. And while this mouse is surprisingly light and quick on its feet given its size, those of you who are used to smaller and/or faster mice might find the MS-3 a bit too big and cumbersome for their needs.


Again, we fully understand that some may never become accustomed to the size. It’s one of those highly subjective things. But if you can become comfortable with the MS-3, you’ll be rewarded with an incredibly comfortable and versatile mouse. Considering that similarly spec’d and sized/designed mice are pushing ~$100 (or more), the $80 $59.99 that Func is charging for the MS-3 is a downright steal. If you’re in the market for a new mouse and willing to keep an open mind (and hand), the MS-3 is one mouse that should be near the top of your list.

**Earlier we incorrectly listed the MSRP as $80. It is actually $59.99.

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