There are many of you out there that like Android but just want to do more with it. Maybe push some APK files your friends have given you or ones you have developed and licensed yourself. Today we are going to walk through how to access the ADB and FASTBOOT functions from the CMD Prompt in Windows 8.1 without having to constantly navigate to the Android SDK folder.

The first thing we are going to do is install the Android SDK bundle from the

dev android site download

Once this has been done we want to extract the zip file into the download directory. Once you are in the extracted file folder cut the files and make a new directory/folder in the C: drive called Android. Once created paste the files and folders in this folder as seen below.

Extract to C Android

From the new Android folder on the C: drive run the only application in the directory called SDK Manager and it will apear as shown below.

SDK Manager Open

Once this is open you can install any number of the checkboxes but we want to make sure to check all under the Tools folder as shown below. After this is done make sure to click Install x Packages (where x will equal the number of selected packages.

Select all from tools folder

Make sure to Accept all license agreements on the next screen.

Accept the licenses

After the items have been installed we want to go to the File Explorer and right click the This PC icon and select Properties and the below screen will be shown.

This PC Properties

Look to the right hand side of the now open screen and choose Advanced system settings. When in there choose the bottom button Environmental Variables. and the screens will be shown below.

Environmental Variables

We want to choose the variable PATH under the System variables and select the line item and click edit or double click the variable to open it.

** DISCLAIMER: We are not responsible for anything that happens to your PC if you delete or mess up your current path string**

Once it is open copy and paste the below at the very end of the current string being careful not to erase anything that is currently there.


Once this is done you can click OK and exit out of everything clicking apply where needed. We can test that this has worked by opening a CMD prompt and typing the following while your android device is plugged in.

adb devices

If done correctly you may see something similar to below.

CMD ADB Capture


This now done you are able to use the ADB and FASTBOOT features from anywhere on your PC that you want to SHIFT and Right Click to open a command prompt. We find it highly useful in doing this once you get an Android device as you can access the downloads folder where all of our root and bootloader unlock files are located. Make sure to let us know if you have any difficulties in the comments below or if you would like to see other tutorials like this that would be useful. Until the next tutorial, Happy Hacking!


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