It has been some time since we have covered Blackberry and the development environment. This is due to us wanting to focus on platforms that have more of a market share and will benefit you, our developer audience, making choices on platforms to be developing for. This being said there is a road-map that has been released to developers of the BlackBerry 10 OS in a recent newsletter. Being a developer of the platform ourselves we have gone ahead and given you that road-map below. It seems like one of the bigger ones that native developers of the platform will enjoy is the x64 bit tools as we have not had a lot of acceptance on other platforms for adapting to a 64 bit architecture other than Apple in their latest iPhone. This being said if you are a BlackBerry 10 developer let us know what you are working on in the comments below. Check out the link for the full coverage of what s new below and until the next BlackBerry Update, Happy Hacking!


Roadmap-bb103Source: BlackBerry

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