Such an interesting start to the week with the review of the stylish Otterbox Symmetry series case for the HTC One M8. Previously we looked into the protection of our screen of the HTC and only had ZAGG to look to. We have recently discovered there are more options out there and in our search for something different we came across Ghost Armor. Make sure to check out below for more details below the break.

First, for those of you who aren’t familiar with Ghost Armor, lets give you some background. Ghost Armor is a pribately owned company that was started in 2007. Their industry leading protection doesn’t just cover phones but encompasses all electronic devices including tablets, laptops, GPS and cameras. One of the great things about them? They will custom design their protection to fit your needs.

We received the Ghost Armor body protection which included the screen in a timely manner with only a few days between ordering and receiving it at our door. The very manageable price of $24.95 was also appealing as well. The box included two glass spray bottles filled with water, the two sheets containing the screen and body protection and instructions. We had some questions about how we should apply the screen protector and Ghost Armor and there is a video online that does a great job of explaining the steps to take to get a flawless install.

We had to apply a drop of soap to one of the vials of water. Once this is done make sure to shake the vile well as you don’t want to dish the soap on the first squirt. This is the first screen protector that has required soap and once the install is done we are excited to say we will be getting screen protectors that use soap additives in the future. The application process was flawless with minimal little bubbles. The recommended process after applying the major pieces (front and back) is to not turn on the device for an hour and not to confine or case the device for 48 hours. We stuck to this process for the most part but places our device in the fridge to cool to device and speed up the drying and binding process. We did end up leaving the device off for an hour but decided to case the device after only 36 hours. We ran into no issues with peeling or any other complication.

We have to say from the moment we got the protection on the front and back of the device the feel of it is impeccable. Once the protection was more dry we loved the feel in the hand as it gives you confidence without the bulk of a case.We were able to set the case on surfaces without worry that the back would scratch or marre.

This is a one of a kind protection for your device and we highly recommend going out to one of their kiosks or getting one online as soon as your able. Make sure that if you are using a Ghost Armor case we want to know what you think in the comments section below. Until the next review, Happy Hacking!

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