Over the last few weeks we have managed to go over a number of cases for the HTC One M8 including brands by Otterbox and Incipio. This week we want to bring back an old favourite in the form of an Otterbox case. This time we have managed to get a hold of Otterbox’s latest case for the M8; Symmetry series. This case is Otterbox’s take on style with maximum protection without being overbearing. We will go over everything there is to know about the Symmetry series case below and let you know our thoughts. Make sure to check below the break for our look into the Symmetry series and if it will be a good fit for your HTC One M8.

The packaging that the Otterbox Symmetry case comes in is almost as sleek as the case itself. looking at the case it combines the best of both worlds; a commuter series protection with the style of a slim and unobtrusive case. the case itself is one piece for easy one-step installation onto the device with easy removal of the case as well. the internal material is made of a synthetic rubber material which is good for absorbing shocks if you drop your device. This is the same material that is found on the first layer of the Commuter Series we reviewed early last week. The external material is made of a hard plastic. The combination of the two in one case is appealing to most as it cuts down on the bulk of the device as we found in the Commuter series case. Placing the device into the case was easy as we placed it in top first and it just snapped in.

Once the device is housed in the case we noticed all the edges of the case are raised to provide elevation from hard surfaces and deter from scratching. Looking to the right of the front of the device we see the volume rocker which is bumped out using the synthetic rubber. Unlike the Incipio line of cases the SD Card slot is covered just like in the Commuter series. The top of the device is closed except the power button. As with all of the HTC Otterbox cases in the One series line-up the power button is left bare and when going to press it, the feel is natural and comforting. The bottom of the device is open to the 3.5mm headphone jack and the microUSB charge/sync port with coverage in-between the two. The back of the device has the two camera ports and a microphone opening with small accents of the interior to make the case pop. At the bottom of the black is the Otterbox logo which is also a nice finishing touch.

We have to say that this case is completely different from any other case we have used from Otterbox thus far. It is one of the most exquisitely made and comfortable device we have used yet on the HTC One M8. In the commuter series we found ourselves noticing the bulk  that the case adding to the device. The Symmetry series just feels like a natural extension of the device itself. It gives us the confidence of knowing our device is protected while letting us show of the sleek sexy style of the case making people inquire as to what that case is. As a test of this we went out to a mobile store recently and inquired about any recent cases for the HTC One M8. We flashed the Otterbox Symmetry series case on our device and instantly the salespeople were hooked. They asked what brand the case was and when told it was Otterbox they were speechless. They commented on the great feel of the case on the device, how light and durable feeling it was, not to mention stylish.

This is one of the few cases that we fell in love at first device install. We knew that we would have to put it through its paces but it took us only an instant of holding this case in our hand to know that this case would now become our daily driver to protect the HTC One M8. If you have been checking out the Otterbox site for the Symmetry series they now have the Black, Glacier (white and grey), and Teal Rose in stock for $39.95 CAD. They have a Dreamy Pick colour model coming soon which looks to feature a pattern on it as well. Make sure to check it out and let us know what you think in the comments below. Until the next review, Happy Hacking!

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