The last we heard from Nomad was that they had an awesome product with the NOMAD key and that was that. Now we are seeing they are once again changing what we conceive to be acceptable as a USB cable. The Clip will be coming soon for us to review to you and let you know if this is another must have piece of technology! In the mean time there is a deal going on at NOMAD we want to let our reader base in on to get 25% off your NOMAD order. The code you ask?

“LIVESIMPLE” now go and get some discounts!

In other news we also recently found out that NOMAD cables are MFi certified by Apple and will fit all sorts of cases including the LifeProof ones. For those of you making orders in the mean time shipping to the US, Canada, UK and Australia are free and anywhere else worldwide is just $5 (That means you Egypt and India readers!). One more talking point is that the materials in the previous designs have been updated to be more durable for everyday use. We will give an in depth review when we eventually get our hands on the Clip and let you know our thoughts. If anyone has a NOMAD product let us know what you think in the comments below. Until the next review, Happy Hacking!


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