Previously we reviewed the OtterBox Agility Shell for the iPad Air and the Agility Tablet System. It has to be one of the most versatile cases we have reviewed as of yet. Today we get to look at the Portfolio accessory for the Agility Case. It is one of three accessories that cover the iPad Air in the Agility lineup. Make sure to check after the break for our thoughts, images in the gallery and a video to explain more.

The marketing on the cases the Agility System accessories come in is great. It is not overly aggressive and uses the companies dashing black and yellow while the back of the case displays the other ways you can use the Agility Tablet System with its accessories. Again, as with the Shell case, opening the box gives us the booklet letting us know what accessories are available for the Agility System.

The portfolio itself is a joy to look at with outside of the case looking to be leather and the inside a nice micro-suede. The front of the case is twofold, one is the entire front cover that protects the screen when a tablet is in the Shell casing and the other is about 2 inches wide and magnetically keeps the full screen cover closed and latched. It is on this side that a most impressive statement has been made with the OtterBox logo on a tanned piece of material. For the longest time OtterBox has branded its cases on hard plastic and silicone, it is about time that we see there logo on a premium piece of material and design like the Agility portfolio. We aren’t saying that other previous OtterBox products are any less stylish as they are in their own right but there is something about this premium leather looking case that sets it apart from previous cases and makes you look at OtterBox in a new light.

As we said before the portfolio comes in essentially three parts. The first is the back of the portfolio where the Agility Tablet System (ATS) Shell docks with the portfolio, the entire front cover which is on the left side when facing the accessory and the clasp/magnet the keeps it all together on the right with the OtterBox branding near the bottom. The interesting thing about the Portfolio is the plethora of positions that the tablet and Shell can be maneuvered into once it is connected with the Portfolio. On the inside of the left cover there are two cut outs (to better understand check out the gallery below) that allow the case to be tilted almost upright and down lower if you are wanting to set on a desk and type directly on the device. We have seen this implemented in other cases, although not so elegantly as Otterbox has seemingly done.

The case itself once on the Shell does become a little bulkier and we found ourselves wanting to take it off when we were playing games and putting it back on when having to take notes at work from clients. All in all it is a step up from the Folio option offered from OtterBox and the price tag of $69.95 may deter those not looking for a professional looking solution and just some added screen protection. For those we say get the Folio. Make sure to check out the gallery and video below and as always make sure to comment down below as well! Until the next review, Happy Hacking!

Agility Tablet System Portfolio Gallery

Agility Tablet System Portfolio Video

Purchase OtterBox Agility Tablet System Portfolio – $69.95

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