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REVIEW: OtterBox Agility Shell | Binary Wasteland

It has been some time since we have heard anything from our good friends over at OtterBox. Well, now we know why as they have been cooking up something for the iPad Air and other tablets. Its called the Agility “Tablet System” and we have to say it already supports an ecosystem of accessories. In this review we are going to dive into the Shell, which is the main component of the entire system. Make sure to check out below and see what we think!

The Shell for the Agility Tablet System (ATS) is the main component no matter what device you are getting it for. For the system we decided our iPad Air was the one needing the most protection. We got the shell in a slim box that sports the OtterBox sleek design. Upon opening there is some good marketing material in the form of a booklet letting you know what else you can pick up to complete the ATS ecosystem.

The case itself feels like half the weight of the iPad Air and is about half an inch longer than the iPad Air on all sides. This is not a bad thing by any means as it gives excellent protection as we will get into below. The added weight to the iPad Air is a welcome thing as well as we find it easier to handle something with a little more weight. Upon looking at the case before installing it, it appears to be made of a hard plastic. Upon further inspection we noticed the inside and around where the tablet would be placed feels like a silicone based solution. Imagine the Symmetry cases that OtterBox makes but for the iPad Air and you would have a good picture of what the case would look like.

The back of the device holds all the openings to the charge dock, speakers, volume mute, rockers and power button. The mic and the Apple logo are also left open as well. There is an interesting design around where the Apple logo is left to been seen and this is the key to the whole Agility system. This is where the magnet that allows the whole system to work is housed. WHOA, NOW HOLD ON!!! Magnets on electronic devices!! This may be shocking to some but after almost a week of use we can assure our readers that it is in fact safe. Just don’t get your credit cards near it…

After a week of use we decided that we were a little too cautious with our devices and we needed to live a little. We do not recommend this and Binary Wasteland takes no responsibility if you break your device while it is in the Shell case. We dropped our device, at a little bit of an angle and tried to imitate the fall that OtterBox displays in its video below. It wasn’t quite the same as it landed on its face and skidded across our floors for a time before stopping. We ran over to see a cracked screen but were pleasantly surprised to see no such thing. This Shell can certainly roll with the punches as we have seen a number of time since letting loose and realizing that the Shell can take what is dished to it.

All in all the Agility Tablet System is working out to be a must have for any technophile. We have had many cases on the iPad Air but they all seem to come off in search of the right fit. It seems we may have found the right case that can protect our device and offer many accessories to complement a fantastic case. For the low price of $39.95 it comes in at a lower price than most we have reviewed. We have a couple other accessories for the ATS to review so make sure to stay tuned for more reviews on the Agility Tablet System. Check out the gallery and the video below and make sure to let us know in the comments. Until the next article, Happy Hacking!

Agility Tablet System Shell Gallery

Agility Tablet System Shell Video

Purchase OtterBox Agility Tablet System Shell for iPad Air – $39.95

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