Its madness we tell you, pure madness. The OnePlus gods must be smiling down upon us to have a Giveaway weekend and monday like we are. We have hidden one invite in Binary Wasteland and by now you know the drill, first one to find it and claim it wins. This one will expire in 24 hours so make sure to be quick in finding it. As always if you have invites you want to share with us click here and email us the link and we will make sure to mention you in one of the posts like this one. Let us know when you find the invite and if you already have a OnePlus One how do you like it so far. Until the next giveaway, Happy Hacking!

**Hint for this giveaway: One of these is not like the others and it is in the tags of this post. Look for an article with the tag in the title**


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