We have another 2 invites to give away. Instead of the 6 days we usually have these ones will expire in 20 hours or less. The first invite is thanks to Challapalli Smaran who has liked the idea of our giveaway and is giving someone who can find the link on Binary Wasteland an invite. Our second invite has been donated by Super DJ Emiliot who was a previous winner in one of our now seemly infamous giveaways. He wants to thank us and OnePlus (assumedly for an amazing phone ;)). We thank both of you for giving back to the community and the contest/giveaway is now live. Make sure to hit up the comments section to let us know if you find an invite. Again, if you do have invites you would like us to place in a giveaway with a mention to yourself, feel free to email us with the link. Until the next round of invites, Good Hunting and Happy Hacking!

**Hint: Our theme in this giveaway will be the words – Never Settle – which can be in the form of images or text**

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