Not too long ago we reviewed the iPhone 6, a behemoth of a phone for those coming from the iPhone 5 or previous generations. We now have the opportunity to look and see what a iPhone Giant really looks like. We have the iPhone 6 Plus Space Grey 128GB model for review and we must say it is big. Thats not all we have to say so make sure to check out after the break for a full review.



DSC_0805If you haven’t already read our review of the iPhone 6 yet, do it! It will cover most of the hardware included in the iPhone 6 Plus minus a few key differences, one of the very first being that the phone is obviously and noticeably larger than its 4.7 inch cousin.

The first you may notice when you go to charge the Phone 6 Plus (6 Plus) with the lightning cable. There are more speaker output holes for the Mono speaker. This doesn’t necessarily mean better quality sound but it does improve how loud the sound actually is.

The second difference from the iPhone 6 is the power button. Due to size differences, the power button is lower on the right hand side of the device to make for a more natural feeling when in hand. We commend Apple for paying attention to these small nuances as it makes for a better overall experience.

One of the more impressive additions to the 6 Plus is the OIS or Optical Image Stabilization added to the device. Most devices have a Digital Image Stabilization. You may be wondering what all of these words mean. Simply put, the iPhone 6 Plus has a motor around the camera that moves when your hand shakes slightly to steady the shot and gain better more fluid pictures. On the other hand the iPhone 6 is using software to accomplish this effect. To check out the quality of the images on the iPhone 6 Plus make sure to check out the Camera section below. We have a video below that shows how the Image Stabilization (IS) works in an optical lense:

There have been reports of some iPhone 6 Plus devices bending after putting them in tight jeans and putting pressure on the device. We have used the device for a week and assisted in placing a heavy cabinet onto a fire and our device works just fine. Below you will see the testing apple does on the devices to assure quality is met and a video on what we mean on iPhone 6 Plus bending.

Video: Inside Apple Quality Control

Video: Bending iPhone in Apple Store


The software is almost identical as that of the iPhone 6 except for when the device is rotated to be horizontal. When the device is rotated the device is large enough it will imitate the functionality of a tablet from Apple. That is moving the dock to the right or left side of the screen and adding a column to the apps and removing a row.

This prevails when using an Apple application such as mail, the application gives a split view, showing the mail items on the left hand side of the screen and the contents of the selected email on the right. This becomes very useful with the sheer size of the device as it gives you a more natural experience on the 1920x1080p screen resolution.

We did notice with being able to rotate the device when we unlocked the device with Touch ID or our passcode, the device can flip its screen 180 degrees. This means that on unlock the device home button can be at the top of your hand and the speaker near your palm and the home screen looks normal. This threw us off when unlocking the device and makes us wonder if Apple’s intention was to do this or if they had other plans. We personally do not like this and wish a software update would come out to fix it.


DSC_0807Displays on the iPhone are all about the Retina display. We must say that having a Macbook Pro with Retina display and a iPad Air boasting the same, not being able to see the pixels on the screen should be a given in this day and age. The iPhone 6 Plus sits comfortably at 401ppi (Pixels Per Inch) which places it higher than the iPhone 6 and well within Retina specifications. This only seems natural since the display resolution is now 1920x1080p.

The screen on this device is rumored to be shatter proof but we have not heard any reports on this. The display is assumedly a Corning Gorilla Glass 3 screen and not the rumored sapphire display. As well as with all iPhone screens the p[ast few years the screen has an Oleophobic coating on it.

We really had our doubts about the size of the device itself coming from a OnePlus One we liked the idea of a 5.5 inch screen. It seems that size of the iPhone 6 Plus is a little larger as Apple has decided to stick with the Iconic home button and a just as large top bezel. This seems to be where it has gotten a little too large as Apple feels the need for the top and bottom of the device to stay unchanged throughout iterations of the iPhone. Companies such as Samsung and LG can get away with a 5.5 inch screen as they trim down on bezel sizes, Apple unfortunately cannot.


Just like on the iPhone 6, the Plus has an 8MP iSight Camera. As mentioned above the difference between the two is the Digital vs Optical Image Stabilization. We must say, we have noticed a difference in the quality of picture taken but we will leave it to you to decide from the images below.

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As with the iPhone 6, the Plus comes with all of the connectivity of it smaller cousin in a slightly larger package. The calls are clear, we still get around one to two bars when in the basement of our headquarters. The speaker volume is louder when on a call and you do handsfree so a bluetooth headset might not be needed with the Plus whereas the 6 needed something to compensate for the lack of umph in the mono speaker.

This may be a lack of coverage in a certain area but we found when driving that our Rogers bars would zero out then come back 5 minutes later. We would appreciate if anyone else has found this on Rogers or any other carrier to let us know in the comments below.

Battery Life

This has been the highly contested issue between the iPhone 6 and the iPhone 6 Plus. Why would Apple seemingly shaft all iPhone 6 users with a smaller battery and give more battery life to its larger cousin. We will say this if you are an iphone 6 user, we speak with experience when we tell you in terms of battery life you are being shafted.

We can get almost a full 2 days of hard use out of the iPhone 6 Plus. This includes things like keeping our followers on Instagram or one of our 4 twitter accounts updated. We also enjoy playing Candy Crush Saga (level 655, not to brag) or Clash of Clans (upgrading to Town Hall level 8 as this post is written). Even adding in OIS into the camera there is not a lot of noticeable battery drain.

What we find odd is how slowly the iPhone 6 Plus charges when you go to charge it. We thought after waking up this morning and seeing the device around 25% we would show it some love and give it some juice so it would be good to go for our day job at 9AM sharp. Not the case. At 9AM our device had hit 77% and was still working its way to 100%. I know the first thing people will comment on is that we should have put the device in Airplane mode but lets face it, when I charge a device I want to be able to use it while I do so. Its called a smartphone for a reason and I put my devices to task everyday.

This being said the battery life is phenomenal and we would not go back to the iPhone 6 for this very reason.


The iPhone 6 Plus is a big phone. There is no escaping this with those large bezels glaring at you every time you pull it out of you pocket. That aside, the iPhone 6 Plus is one of the very few phones I can honestly tell people I could see myself for a while. It fits my needs for watching videos, playing video games and getting down to business when I need to. Couple that with the battery life to take all that, look me in the face and laugh, asking for more is a refreshing thought. If you haven’t made a purchasing decision yet on which iPhone 6/Plus device to get and you are like us, the choice is clear. Let us know if you have a 6 Plus in the comments below and how you like it. Until the next article, Happy Hacking!

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