Whats better than owning an iPhone 6 on release day? Well, our answer is the screen protectors and cases to protect it. We had the privilege to meet a ZAGG franchise owner in Masonville mall – Bradley Spence – who promptly hooked us up with a HDX cover for the front of the device and since the HDX is a front screen protector only, an original backing for the iPhone 6. Make sure if you are in London, Ontario to check out Brad in Masonville! Check out how it went applying the covers and our thoughts on them after the break.

Zagg in Canada varies a little bit from the website as they press the originals and HDX on a machine while you wait. This is a new and refreshing thought as it allows you to see a part of what makes ZAGG our number one choice. Once ran through the machine we took them home to see how they fit.

If you are familiar with the packaged products you have seen Binary Wasteland reviewing from ZAGG in the past, this may seem a little different. Our protector came sandwiched in between two pieces of protective plastic and the adhesive side stuck to one of those. We noticed that the ZAGG HDX and Glass are both dry applications as opposed to drenching the originals then squeegeeing out the excess water for it to dry. Make sure to keep this in mind when buying and going home to apply.

After cleaning out hands thoroughly, we popped the outline out of the original backing out and prepared to apply. This may have been our first downfall to be quite honest. We, at first, did not notice the two pieces protecting the Original protector. Once determined what we needed to do, we wet our hands with the ZAGG solution and then sprayed the back (non adhesive side) and peeled the cover off. Once off we sprayed the adhesive side generously and our iPhone back as well for good measure. We slapped the back on and maneuvered it where we thought it looked best. A quick tip for those first time Original ZAGG’ers out there, spraying the phone where applying the ZAGG Original protector allows you to slide it where needed instead of precisely placing it. Once on, we squeegeed out the excess and flipped the iPhone 6 over for the dry application of the HDX.

The HDX screen protector being a little new to us we found it extremely easy to use. One side has a tab with a bunch of 1’s cascading down like the matrix numbers on it. Make sure to take this side off first! Once off the tab acts like a precision placement tool in the sense you use that instead of touching the adhesive to apply. Once we positioned it correctly we dropped the cover on and took a credit card and lightly worked out the bubbles. Another pro tip, the instructions were to take the placement tool off then work out the bubbles but we find that leaving it on helps prevent unnecessary scratches before you actually use the device.

Overall the application process went well with a few hiccups in the road, being not being able to find the back screen protector. This worked out the protection is working out well with no scuffs from a few preliminary throws across a wood floor. Make sure to check out the gallery below and add any comments if you have tried the product and have any feedback in the comments below the gallery. For the price of $35 for the HDX screen ($5 for application if you want Bradley to do it at the kiosk) and either $30 for the Original backing not purchased with the front screen or $20 if a front screen is purchased, it adds up to between $55-70 to protect a device that is well over a $1000 outright. We would say its a no brainer…Protect Your Investment with ZAGG. Until the next article, Happy Hacking!


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