Many of you that have the iPhone 6 Plus may have run into what we did when reviewing the behemoth iPhone in terms of charging. We take a device that is close to drained and plug it into the provided wall charger and 3 hours later only end up in the 70% range. We have a protip from our good friend Mike Norris of BitBitByte that may help. Check out after the break for more information.

It seems that the charger that Apple shipped with the 6 Plus is a little on the inadequate side. To improve the charge speed you need a charger from an iPad. These of course can also be purchased here. This will allow for more charge to be pumped into the iPhone without damaging it. Safer and better that using any old charger around your house it is definitely something to try, especially when you have to be somewhere in a few hours. Make sure to let us know if this helped in the comments below. Until the next TekHack, Happy Hacking.

**DISCLAIMER: Binary Wasteland is in no way responsible for damaged electronics. These are merely observations we have come across in our travels and may not be applicable or usable by everybody**

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