Technology is a dominating factor in all of our lives and for something so prevalent we need something to protect it. ZAGG is our go to brand for screen and back protection on most devices (Providing they have the model in). Thats why we decided to visit Bradley at the Masonville Mall ZAGG location in London Ontario. Make sure if you’re ever in London to pay him a visit and get hooked up with a screen protector for your devices! This screen protector is a little different than the ones we have previously used. Make sure to check out after the break for more info on the ZAGG HDX and our experience with it on the Nexus 6.


When we went to pick up the ZAGG HDX skin from Masonville Mall we were informed that the HDX is a wet install whereas ordering from the ZAGG website will give you a dry install. This being the case it was recommended that the skin be applied by a ZAGG professional instead of myself.

After running the print through the machine to get the HDX cut we were assisted by one of the ZAGG associates on applying the skin. This involved the usual with any wet install, including cleaning the hands, spraying the skin on the front and the back and then misting the screen to allow for repositioning. Once the ZAGG screen was on the Nexus 6 she played a piece of plastic sheet over the skin and then squeegeed as it will not mark up your skin on installing it.

The skin itself is quite plain as it has only two cutouts that define it as a Nexus 6 screen and not just a slab of HDX protection. The cutouts are on the top and bottom of the device and make room for the front facing speakers. This is also the reason that its recommended if you have the opportunity to have someone more experienced than yourself install the skin as the curve of the glass on the sides, bottom and top make the skin peel up. Make sure if this happens to smooth them down again within the 24 hour period as that will help them adhere to the curved glass.

After install we were told to wait around 4 days for the microbubbles to disappear. In typical Binary Wasteland fashion we placed our device in the fridge for a number of hours as we did not have access to the ZAGG air cooler they have at the booth. After the four days we still noticed that the skin had peeled up but in terms of compromising the entire skin I do not believe this will be an issue. Another thing to note is that the skin itself is case friendly and not something we see all too often. Keeping this in mind will give you peace of mind when it comes time to furnish your Nexus 6 in a case, if you so choose.

We must say even with the sides peeling up ZAGG does not disappoint. ZAGG is the leader, in our opinion, when it comes to protecting your screens and devices. Make sure if you’re interested to go to Masonville Mall and pick up the ZAGG HDX skin for your Nexus 6. The cost at the mall is $40 including the installation of the skin by a ZAGG professional. If you want to order from the online store make sure to factor in the shipping costs and time to arrive at your door. Did you get a ZAGG HDX skin for Christmas? Let us know in the comments below. Until the next review, Happy Hacking!

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