We have come so far in terms of technology and the things that we can do with our phones these days. That being said, it does take a toll when it comes to battery life. For those of you who are casual users of social media and a modest 1 or two emails accounts your battery may last you the day so when you get home you can recharge for another day. Those of us who are the power users out there with heavy social media usage and upwards of 6-7 emails accounts, the battery life on current phones is laughable. Always on the lookout for the perfect portable battery pack so we can get a bump when we need it, we ran into the Intocircuit 11200mAh Power Bank by Hisgadget. We may have found perfection but make sure to check out below for the complete breakdown.

The box we got for review was very plain and subtle which in some ways is good. There is no god awful marketing and the point of what your getting comes across nicely. Upon opening the package there is a plastic holding case for the Intocircuit Power Bank and on the other side of it was documents, a carrying case and the charging cord.

The device itself could be considered bulky to some if you were to compare it to a smartphone but it works fine to carry in a coat or pants pocket while not in use. The front of the device is where the screen is telling you the charge left in the power bank, if a charge is going in or out as well as a button that can activate a flashlight. Neat sidenote about the flashlight, it works quite well as I used it to investigate some leaky pipe issues over the weekend and it was better than most other flashlights available to me. The rest of the device as is most of the front, is surrounded by brushed aluminum. The only other part of the device that has something on it is the top of the device where the 5V 2.1a and 1a USB outputs are, the charging port and the flashlight light are. The device itself feels solid in hand which lends to the feeling of having so much power in the palm of your hand.

It took us around 4 hours to charge the Intocircuit Power Bank to full from the 66% it was at when we got it. After charged it only took a day to figure out where we could use this in a real life scenario. Deciding to take a trip to Toronto we brought the Power Bank with us. Having a Nexus 6 out in the big city, checking into places on Swarm, getting walking directions to events and restaurants really drains a guys battery. In just 1 day we ended dup using the Power Bank to juice up around 5 times and the battery was surprisingly at 25% by the end of the day. This device is a beast when it comes to charging our devices and we used the 2.1a port to charge out Nexus 6 as it would give the most power the fastest.

We have yet to charge two devices at once or use the Power Bank when it is charging itself to see if it will pass-through charge our devices while it boosts its own battery but we cannot wait to try. Also those checking the price it is going for $23.99 CAD on Amazon. After checking out a number of different portable charging option it seems that the Hisgadget has the competition beat in terms of offering and price. Do you have one of the Hisgadget products? Let us know what you think in the comments below. Until the next review, Happy Hacking!

Buy the Hisgadget Intocircuit 11200mAh Power Bank from Amazon – $23.99 CAD right now

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