I don’t think we at Binary Wasteland are fooling anyone so we can come out and say it. We go through A LOT, and we mean a lot, of phones. Its something about the exciting thrill you get when you unwrap the packaging and turn it on for the first time. Then there is the fear of dropping that exciting feeling on the ground or it getting scratched that can bring you down in a heartbeat. Needless to say, since we have a plethora of phones, we have also gone through our fair share of screen protectors. Osman the Cell Guy at the Wireless Wave in Masonville (London, Ontario) is never short on the suggestions for what protection is best for devices. Since we have already tried out ZAGG on a previous iPhone 6 Plus we decided to try out iShieldz Glass.

iP6p_iShieldz_Glass_DSC_1217The packaging is very slick to look at with a nice color palette of black and purple. We have come to learn that iShields does not mess around when it comes to packaging as everything is very straight forward. The front lets us know about the Glass protection with a picture, the sides have the Company name and Screen Protector name and the back is where the extended information is in terms of durability, application, etc. Without a lot of paperwork to hold us back we slit the seal and opened the box.

iP6p_iShieldz_Glass_DSC_1222Inside is just as straightforward as the outside. The middle insert is depressed and surrounded with foam to keep the glass protected in the case. Just grab the case out of the insert and get ready to prep your phone. We made sure to clean the front screen of out iPhone 6 Plus good and then washed our hands with plenty of soap, vigorously. After this is done we peeled the cover protecting the adhesive off of the glass and grabbed some tape. We then placed the tape on the no sticky side of the top and bottom of the glass to position it better.

It took us a couple of tries but it finally positioned correctly and we pressed the center started to work out the bubbles underneath the glass. For most of you applying the iShieldz Glass you will have to vigorously rub down the sides to get them to adhere to the screen of the iPhone 6 Plus as some screens curve aggressively and as such you will be left with a gap where the adhesive does not touch the screen and can collect dust. We were fortunate enough to get all sides adhered with the exception of the top right (when facing the device) where there is the most minute bubble that could not be worked out. Not comfortable with installing the iShieldz yourself? No worries, Osman or one of the reps at Wireless Wave are sure to offer to install it for you!

Once applied we noticed that the Glass that iShieldz produces has thicker edges so that it is harder to chip them. Once we added the leather apple case we could hardly notice the thicker sides and even welcomed them when having to swipe left or right. We have yet to spend much more than a week but if anything turns up or is off we will be sure to post an update on this page. Out of the few screen protectors we have tried for the iPhone 6 Plus, this one is one of the better ones. You can pick one up at Masonville Wireless Wave (pending you’re not in London, Ontario most retailers carry the iShieldz line) for $34.99 which we think is a great price for the protection you get from the screen protector. Have a iShieldz Screen Protector? Sound off in the comments below and let us know what you think! Until the next review, Happy Hacking!

iShieldz Glass iPhone 6 Plus Gallery

Buy iShieldz Glass for $34.99 CAD @ Wireless Wave – Masonville Mall


We have breaking news. Osman the Cell Guy has revealed his true name. Osman Omar can sell you a phone and much more (including applying screen protectors). Make sure to pay him a visit at the Wireless Wave in Masonville Mall (London, ON)

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