Its a very exciting time of year for developers who make apps on the Android OS. Almost like Christmas you might say. This is the time of Google IO where we get the latest news from Google on what they have been working on and what we, as developers, can expect in the coming months. There are a few things we are excited to hear about in less than 2 days.

Android M

The new version of Google’s OS codenamed Android M is something to get excited about. For those reading around, it is said that Google is going to take a heavy look into battery and RAM optimizations to give Android users more time with what they love, Android OS.


This has been another area where we hope Google will make waves in. The initial generation of devices was alright at best with a days battery life not cutting it for most users including us. We hope that with Android M there may be a push onthe software side to optimize the battery and give users a little more time with Android Wear before having to find a charger.

Nest & Home Automation

Since acquiring Nest we have been very interested in seeing where this new relationship leads. We have the Nest thermostat and Nest Protects as well as Dropcams within our HQ and love it. We would think that this next generation of devices will have a higher resolution camera as the one on it is alright for farther away shots but gets grainy fast on zooming in. We would also like to see more products come into the Home Automation space from Google at IO.

These are just the three major things we hope that Google will touch on at this years Google IO. It would be nice to have a new phone or tablet release as we are in the market for a new Android device to develop on as the current flagship offering is just not cutting it. Have some thoughts on what we will see? Check out the comments and leave us one to tell us what you think we will see. Until the next article, Happy Hacking!

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