There are very few things in this world that we have become accustomed to keeping protected at all costs. Second to children if you have them would be our smartphones. They are the device that keeps us tethered to the ever growing online world. Break one and be forced to feel excluded and like you are missing out on one. That is why we get our devices covered head to toe and sometimes double layer them with a screen protector and a case (for the back). Such was the case for the iPhone 6 Plus we use as our daily driver. We were using the iShieldz Glass screen protector but it could not seem to cut it so we went looking again for another solution. To our relief we came across Tech Armor and their new HD Ballistic Glass lineup. We decided to give it a go and see how it held up.

The package the HD Ballistic Glass comes in is very sleek and pops with the predominant color being white and the dark blues with flashy text make the whole packaging aspect of the product very appealing. Opening the box we were presented with a sealed plastic casing where inside lay all the tools we would need to apply the Ballistic Glass screen protector. Opening the casing we pulled out three anti-dust tabs, a cleaning cloth, a damp wipe to apply to the screen just before applying, a credit card style piece of plastic to run over the glass once applied, the manual/what to do sheet and lets not forget the Ballistic Glass itself.

We shorted what we needed and grouped them in stages. We did the damp wipe first to get rid of any smudges or dust on the iPhone and then we thoroughly went over our fingertips as we didn’t want the oils to lead to a botched install. After this was done we used the anti-dust tape for a few stragglers that found their way onto the screen while we were not looking.

We then used the remaining two pieces of anti-dust tape and attached one to either side of the long side of the ballistic glass for more precision when applying to the iPhones screen. Make sure before attaching the anti-dust tape you remove the adhesive layer on the glass. Once we had the screen where we wanted it we lowered it carefully onto the screen and then pressed the middle of the screen and started to make the sign of the cross to allow the glass to adhere to the screen of the device. Once most of the bubbles were gone we ran over the few uprisers with the plastic tool and worked them all out.

The screen application was a success! The ease of use in applying the screen and how little effort it took to remove all bubbles was very surprising or we have been scared from dry apply screen protectors from the past. As we have noted in other applications of screen protection for the iPhone 6 Plus and the iPhone 6, you will get at least one side of the protector that cannot match the curve of the glass and will look slightly raised. Ours happened to be the top end of the screen protector and we tried to minimize it by rubbing a finger back and forth on it to generate heat and have it stick more firmly.

Many screen protectors have touched the glass of our iPhone 6 Plus and many have made their way into the trash because they could not keep up with the lifestyle we live. Having a child and trying to be active with them is hard. Trying to keep your phone out of reach and safe, a whole other story. Tech Armor may be the only screen protector that has lasted longer than those previous to it. We would highly recommend grabbing this over at Tech Armor for a low cost of $10.95 USD. Have a screen protector from Tech Armor? Let us know how its working in the comments below. Also check out our gallery of shots below as well. Until the next review or article, Happy Hacking!

Tech Armor HD BAllistic Glass Gallery for iPhone 6 Plus

Buy Tech Armor HD Ballistic Glass for iPhone 6 Plus – $10.95 USD

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