Web Developers Meet Meat It seems like lately we have been neglectful of our readers and to that end, we apologize! Getting caught up in projects and development can be a wonderful feeling but also suck time away from other things. That is the case in this instance. Well, looking around at version control systems, we have landed on using git for most of the work we do with our clients. We have ran the gamut with GitHub and BitBucket but longed for something new and interesting. Enter MEAT! It has yet to be released to the general public but we have a request for access in so we can try it as the stand alone version and see how it stacks up with our needs.

On the site it is offering a number of features which include:

  • 5 star code browser
  • Sturdy version control
  • Safe and Secure
  • A wide range of options to communicate with different services to make your own online dev environment

We are excited to dig in and get our hands dirty once we have received an invite. It seems like we may create another VPS on DigitalOcean ($5 a month) to test this out and see how it stacks up. Let us know if you have an invite and how you are enjoying MEAT so far in the comments below. Until the next review, Happy Hacking!

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