Another iPhone, another need to protect the devices we have. Our first choice when it comes to screen protection is obvious; ZAGG. With the new iPhone 6S Plus and 3D Touch we were concerned that Glass would be the wrong way to go as it might throw off the sensors (widening the press area and such) but the sales reps at the Masonville Mall in London, Ontario assured us if we go glass it would not hinder the 6S Plus in any way. That being said convinced us that we would do ZAGG Glass on the front and the original on the back (not matte). We also figured since we were on site we would let the experts apply the protection for us, even though we fancy ourselves as quite the screen applicast. Read below for how the protection and the service reps faired.


Usually its on us to be knowledgeable about the products we are buying and it is not that often that a representative for a brand can give us information that we didn’t already know. The ZAGG rep was able to tell us that a Glass protector would not interfere with the 3D Touch and would function as normal. This gave us great confidence to know that the representatives have taken the time to learn about the products coming to market and how their products interact and work with the new phones and devices.

Once concerns were alleviated we asked the representative to install both the front and the back ZAGG Shields which ran us $60 CAD if I remember correctly (not a bad price to pay for the number of saves these bad boys will assist you in) and is worth every penny in our minds. So, how did the application from the reps turn out you may be wondering?

Well, applying Glass is a little easier than the originals on the front as you place and then run your finger along the middle of the glass and the adhesive spreads outwards (it’s a dry application not wet like the originals). There were a few particles of dust that the rep had to remove using tape to lift the glass up and another piece of tape to remove the dust and then re-apply the glass but other than that the screen is flawless 2 months later. The original application on the back of the 6S Plus requires you to wet the back and the SHIELD to place it on the back and let it dry over 24 hours before using a case with it. We usually wait 6 hours before switching it to an air conditioner vent for another 2 hours to have the flowing air dry the moisture as well. We don’t recommend you doing this with heat and if you don’t feel comfortable as we cannot be liable for everybodies devices.

We have to say, ZAGG has always impressed us with its solutions to protecting our devices and to see ZAGG come to Canada in a retail outlet is just as exciting. We have said this before but not having to pay shipping and duty into Canada for ZAGG is wonderful. Plus, there are some things that still require a customer rep and applying screen protectors for something like ZAGG (which to some older folks may be daunting) is one of those things. We enjoyed and still are enjoying the Glass and it is standing up to my daughters bites as if it was a cement wall, giving me enough time to get it from her and not have to replace a 6S Plus screen. Have a ZAGG Glass or Original SHIELD? Let us know in the comments below and until the next review, Happy Hacking!

iPhone 6S Plus ZAGG Glass Gallery

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