It has been some time since we have had the opportunity to review a product for a new piece of tech. That piece of tech is the iPhone 7 Plus as you may have guessed from the title. This is a marvelous piece of innovation that may be waterproof but the damage proof title eludes this model. With that in mind, we turned our focus to finding accessories that would help preserve the 7 Plus’ pristine state. Our gaze immediately fell to Otterbox and their Symmetry Series offering. Check out the below for our thoughts on Otterbox’s Symmetry Series case for the iPhone 7 Plus.

Over the years, the Otterbox packaging has improved quite a bit. This years Symmetry case is a testimony to that fact. The Symmetry series case is on a piece of plastic that slides out of the outer case and comes with a booklet. Very plain and to the point, which we like. After extracting it from the plastic insert it came out the case itself is made of synthetic rubber and Polycarbonate materials. This allows the case to protect the iPhone 7 Plus with the rubber and use the hard outer shell to take most of the sharp damaging shocks. The edges around the screen are also raised so if you so choose to lay the 7 Plus upside down (why would you? ;)), then this is possible without scratching.

Getting the Symmetry Series case on the 7 Plus was a snap (pun intended) and we enjoyed that it was a little tough around the final corner to get the phone in as it will prove just as hard to get out of the case on impact. The look of the Symmetry Series cases from Otterbox all look sleek and the iPhone 7 Plus cases are no different. Instead of the cutout on the back for the Apple logo like the Commuter Series, the back of the Symmetry Series is completely covered the hard shell. The left side houses the volume rockers and mute switch while the right has the power button. The top is void of outcrops or cut-outs and the bottom of the case is home to the charging port opening and the two speaker cut-outs. The case itself does a great job of accenting what it needs to like the Power button and Volume rockers while no taking away from the device itself.

In terms of toughness of the case itself, the most we could bring ourselves to do to it and our 7 Plus was drop it from four and a half feet, on an angle so the corner would take the first impact. We were sweating bullets until we looked at the device after the drop and discovered it was intact and the case itself had barely a scratch. For those who are wondering where we got four and a half feet from, it was roughly a little higher than the pants pockets we keep our precious 7 Plus in so if it was to fall, that would be the most likely place.

Our final thoughts? This case is one of the better ones out there. Ours was pure black but the Symmetry Series has a history of having stylish and good looking cases. It would be cool if, like Gelaskins, they could take custom designs and imprint them on the back of the cases for a nominal fee. Other than that, the case itself stands the test of drops and everyday use amazingly. It doesnt matter if the phone you have is waterproof or dust proof, it pays to have additional protection and saves your wallet from potentially having to shell out cash for an AppleCare+ replacement. Make sure to check out the gallery below of the shots of the iPhone 7 Plus and the Otterbox Symmetry Series case. Until the next post, Happy Hacking!


iPhone 7 Plus Otterbox Symmetry Series Gallery


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