About Us

An internet based company which focuses on the development/developer aspect of the technology industry. We aim to teach anyone who has an idea, the skills, development environments and programming languages required to make that idea tangible.

We also do reviews, developer interviews, and cover developer based news. Binary Wasteland is unique in the fact that you will not see it cluttered with ads as we have found it detracts from the learning process and just doesn’t lend itself well to a good website.

Binary Wasteland is also heavily vested in Social Media as well as any new/emerging technologies.

We interact with a spectrum of corporations to enhance Binary Wasteland and develop a brand presence for said corporations among developers that read our content. This leads to better brand choices for developer devices and a better overall user/development experience.

Binary Wasteland lends itself to businesses for testing of unreleased applications and products to give feedback and promote content through strategic coordination with businesses.

Binary Wasteland is dedicated to inspiring individuals to pick up a computer and hack out code to improve their way of life and invent the unimaginable.

Editor & Master Chief – Greg R. Jacobs

First Binary Wasteland Wallpaper

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